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The Utsunomiya City International Association (UCIA) carries out a range of activities for international understanding and exchange so as to further open up Utsunomiya to the world. UCIA is open to anyone interested in cross-cultural interaction. Why not become a UCIA member, and take part in our activities using your skills?

Membership Benefits

  1. Taking part in a variety of exchange activities as a member of our committees (see the UCIA's organizational chart), such as planning and running of cross-cultural events, teaching the Japanese language and Japanese culture to non-Japanese people, exchanges with sister cities and more.
  2. UCIA's regular publications informing about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities and so on.
  3. Reduced fees for courses held by UCIA (excl. certain ones).
  4. Hosting a visitor from abroad at home for cross-cultural interaction (registration required).
  5. Discounts at shops within Omotesando Square by showing a membership card.

A membership application form is available online. Please bring your annual membership fee to us, or send it by postal transfer to us.

Categories Annual Fee Notes
Full Membership Individuals 2,000 yen Additional 1,000 yen per family member
Volunteer Groups 3,000 yen  
Corporate Bodies 5,000 yen Nonprofits, foundations,etc.
Supporting Membership Individuals 5,000 yen per unit  No maximum unit limit
Volunteer Groups 5,000 yen per unit  No maximum unit limit
Corporate Bodies 10,000 yen per unit  No maximum unit limit
Partner Membership 3,000 yen
<Postal Transfer>
Account Number: 00190-5-564738
Account Holder: Tokuteihieirikatsudohojin Utsunomiyashi Kokusaikoryukyokai Rijicho Usui Yoshiko
Application Form  For Individual Membership
For Organizational/Group Membership