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Electricity, Gas, Water and Telephone


The standard voltage for homes in Utsunomiya is 100volts 50Hz. Electricity is mostly supplied by Tokyo Electricity Power Company. When a short circuit happens or there is an overload, the breaker will kick in and cut off the supply of electricity.

Inquiries Tokyo Electricity Power Company, Tochigi Customer Center
Phone Moving or changing your contract: 0120-995-111 (toll-free)
Inquiries on such matters as power failure or electricity charges: 0120-995-112 (toll-free)
Hours Monday through Saturday, 9:00-17:00 (closed on national holidays)


There are two types of gas in use in Utsunomiya: city gas supplied by Tokyo Gas Company and propane gas provided by local propane gas dealers. Each gas requires a specific type of gas appliance. When purchasing a gas appliance, please make sure it matches the type of gas in your home.

When you smell gas,
1) turn off the gas valve immediately, 2) open all windows and doors, 3) do not smoke or use any other naked flame, 4) do not touch any electrical switches (including light switches) or outlets, and 5) call your gas provider.

Report of a gas leak (for users of Tokyo Gas Company)
Where to report Tokyo Gas Customer Center
Phone 0570-002299 (24/7)

Water Supply

Tap water in Japan is safe to drink. When your tap water turns cloudy, or when you suspect a water leak, contact the Water Supply Administration Center of the Waterworks Bureau.
To prevent water from freezing up in the winter months, wrap cloth around exposed pipes and faucets. Leaving water dripping from faucets during the night is also an effective way.

Inquiries Waterworks Bureau Water Supply
Administration Center
Phone 028-616-1331


Mobile phones are available at mobile-phone stores, electronics retail stores, and so on. When purchasing a mobile phone, you will be asked to present your residence card or passport.