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Social Welfare Services

Child Allowance

The Child Allowance is a national program to ensure the sound and healthy growth of children who will carry the society of the next generation on their shoulders. As a rule, the allowance is provided to individuals residing in Japan who are raising a child residing in Japan* up to the first March 31 after the child’s 15th birthday. Income restrictions apply.
* Children studying abroad who meet the prescribed requirements are also eligible.

Eligibility See above.
amount per
Children under age 3 15,000 yen
Children 3 to elementary school age 10,000 yen for 1st and 2nd children
15,000 yen for 3rd and subsequent children
Junior high school students 10,000 yen
Children of the parents whose annual income exceeds the upper ceiling 5,000 yen regardless of their age
June for the allowances for February through May
October for the allowances for June through September
February for the allowances for October through January
Items required
to apply
Passbook of ordinary deposit, a photocopy of health insurance card (not required for members of the National Health Insurance), my number notification card, personal seal, etc.
Where to
Children and Family Division, District Citizens’ Centers, branch offices
Inquiries Children’s Benefits Group, Children and Family Division
Phone 028-632-2387

Child Support Allowance

The Child Support Allowance is provided to single-mothers, single-fathers or guardians raising a child meeting any of the eligibility criteria below, up to the first March 31 after the child’s 18th birthday. The allowance aims to promote single-parents’ financial stability and self-sufficiency in order to enhance the well-being of their children. Income restrictions apply.

Eligibility criteria
  1. The child's parents are divorced.
  2. The child's father or mother is dead.
  3. The child's father or mother has a specified level of severe disability.
  4. It is unknown whether the child's father or mother is alive.
  5. The child has been abandoned by his/her father or mother for one year or longer.
  6. The child's father or mother has been incarcerated for one year or longer.
  7. The child was born out of wedlock.
  8. The child’s mother has obtained a protection order from the court to escape from her abusive spouse.
  9. The child’s parents cannot be identified.
Allowance amount per month (for FY 2020)
  1. For the first child
    Individuals eligible for full payment: 43,160 yen
    Individuals eligible for partial payment: 10,180 yen to 43,150 yen
  2. For the second child, add 5,100 yen to 10,190 yen.
  3. For the third and subsequent children, add 3,060 yen to 6,110 yen for each additional child.
Payment month January, March, May, July, September and November
Required documentation Varies depending on the particular conditions of each applicant. Contact the section below for details.
Inquiries Self-sufficiency Support Group, Children and Family Division
Phone 028-632-2386

Support Allowance for Single-Parent Families

This allowance aims to support single-parents in securing a stable life as early as possible after they became a single-parent by facilitating the increase in their wages. Income restrictions apply.

Eligibility Single-parents raising a child before completing compulsory education (under 20 years of age for children with a severe disability) who meet any of the criteria listed above for the Child Support Allowance
Length of payment Either until five years elapse from the month following the month they became a single-parent or until their child completes compulsory education (until his/her 20th birthday if he/she has a severe disability), whichever comes first.
Allowance amount per month 3,000 yen per child
Those seeking a job or a better job to become self-sufficient are provided additional 2,000 yen.
Payment month April, August and December
Inquiries Self-sufficiency Support Group, Children and Family Division
Phone 028-632-2386

Welfare Allowance for Children with a Severe Disability

This allowance is provided to children with a registered address in Utsunomiya with a severe intellectual or physical disability who require ongoing care in everyday life. Income restrictions apply.

Eligibility A. Children under 20 who meet any of the following conditions:
  1. Those with Physical Disability Booklet, level 1 or some level 2
  2. Those with Intellectual Disability Booklet, level A1 (IQ of some 20 or less)
  3. Those with both Physical Disability Booklet, level 2 (depending on the level of the disability) and Intellectual Disability Booklet, level A2 (IQ of some 35 or less)
  4. Those who have a disability with internal organs* comparable to the above 1) – 3) (doctor’s verification is required)
    * illnesses related to heart, respiratory organs, kidney, liver, blood, etc.
Allowance amount per month (for FY 2020) 14,880 yen per child
Payment month May for the allowances for February through April
August for the allowances for May through July
November for the allowances for August through October
February for the allowances for November through January
Note If the child’s own income, his/her spouse’s income or the income of the person required to support him/her exceeds the income ceiling, the allowance is not provided.
Inquiries Children’s Benefits Group, Children and Family Division
Phone 028-632-2387

Nursing Care Insurance

Anyone aged 65 and above and every member aged 40 to 64 of public health insurance plans (such as National Health Insurance and Employees’ Health Insurance) must enroll in the Nursing Care Insurance and pay insurance premiums. Insurance holders can use nursing care services by paying 10% to 30% of the costs incurred if they obtain “Approval of the Need for Nursing Care/Assistance”.

The nursing care insurance provides home care services, facility care services and a variety of other services. Home care services include help with daily routines such as eating and housework provided by visiting home helpers as well as bathing services and rehabilitation therapy at day service facilities. Facility care services include help with daily routines, rehabilitation therapy and health care management available for those admitted to a nursing care facility.

To use nursing care services, please apply for “Approval of the Need for Nursing Care/Assistance” together with a completed application form and your nursing care insurance certificate (or health insurance card if you are a category 2 nursing care insurance holder) .

Where to apply Division of Welfare for the Elderly, One-stop Health and Welfare Advisory Service, Citizens’ Centers, branch offices
  Category 1 Insurance Holder Category 2 Insurance Holder
Eligibility Individuals aged 65 or older Members aged 40-64 of public health insurance plans
Premium amount Divided into 11 levels, depending on income level, inhabitant tax liability and the household composition. Determined according to the calculation method of the health insurance plan they are enrolled in.
How to pay As a rule, premiums are deducted automatically from their pensions.
Those who are not subject to automatic deduction have to pay their premiums themselves by account transfer or with payment slips sent from the city office.
Nursing care insurance premiums have to be paid together with health insurance premiums.
Inquiries Division of Welfare for the Elderly
Phone Inquiries on nursing care services: 028-632-2906
Inquiries on nursing care insurance premiums: 028-632-2907

Public Assistance

This is available for those households that are unable to maintain the subsistence level set by the state as the primary wage earner’s income has plunged and in addition, his/her savings have been drained due to such hardships as loss of employment and illness. The assistance includes Daily Living Assistance, Educational Assistance, Housing Assistance, Medical Assistance and Nursing Care Assistance. There are many eligibility requirements. Please contact the divisions below for details.

Inquiries 1st and 2nd Public Assistance Divisions
Phone 028-632-2105/2465

Loans for Living Expenses

The Social Welfare Fund is available for households in need who require assistance for living expenses. For details of eligibility requirements (such as eligible residence statuses, necessity of a joint surety, etc.), please contact the Social Welfare Council.

Inquiries Utsunomiya City Social Welfare Council
Phone 028-636-1215