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Newsletter Oh-i

This is a monthly newsletter geared toward foreign residents in Utsunomiya, published on the 10th of every month. The newsletter features introduction to the Japanese way of life and culture and up-to-date information about public services, events and courses, as well as columns written by foreign residents. There are Japanese, English, Chinese and Portuguese versions. In the Japanese version, furigana are placed above each kanji. To have our free Oh-i delivered directly to your inbox every month, send us an e-mail.


Info Scramble

UCIA publishes the news bulletin Info Scramble in Japanese on the 3rd Wednesday of every odd month, which informs about its upcoming events and courses and so on.

Info Scramble No.106(PDF:177KB)

UCIA Bulletin

UCIA, which is operating a great range of programs, publishes its activity report UCIA Bulletin in Japanese three times a year (July, November and March). The bulletin also covers member groups' activities and other topics.