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Multilingual Publications

  Title Language Available at:
E C P T S K V Ta N
Daily Life Utsunomiya City Guide for Daily Life     Citizens’ Affairs Division, International Plaza, etc.
Point and Search Phrase Book    
Garbage Guide for sorting and disposing of recyclable resources and waste   Citizens’ Affairs Division, Citizens’ Centers, etc.
Clean Park Mobara
(Incineration Plant)
                Clean Park Mobara, Environmental Learning Center
Tourism Utsunomiya City Tourist Brochure             Tourism Division, Tourist Information Center, etc.
Utsunomiya Area Guide              
Tax A Guide to Municipal Taxes City Hall, International Plaza, etc.
Medical Care Medical Guide for Foreigners Tochigi International Association, International Plaza
Maternal and Child Health Maternal and Child Health Handbook     Children and Family Division, Hiraishi, Tomiya, Sugatagawa and Kawachi Citizens’ Centers
Education A Guide for Starting School     School Administration Division
A Guide to Elementary and Junior High School       School Education Division, International Plaza, etc.
Utsunomiya’s Education Policy for Foreign Children       School Education Division, International Plaza, etc.
School Expense Subsidy           School Administration Division
Guidance for Entering High School in Multiple Languages     Utsunomiya University
Facilities Tobiyama Castle Park                 Tobiyama History Experience Center
Utsunomiya Archaeolgical Plaza                 Archaeolgical Plaza
Shinohara Family’s Residence                 Shinohara Family’s Residence
Visiting the Museum                 Utsunomiya Museum of Art
Utsunomiya Museum of Art                
Utsunomiya Fairy Museum                 Utsunomiya Fairy Museum

Some of the above publications are available in Hindi and in Bahasa Indonesia, too.