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Application Procedure

To become a UCIA member, please complete the application form below, and bring it with your annual membership fee to us.

Categories Annual Fee Notes
Full Membership Individuals 2,000 yen Additional 1,000 yen per family member
Volunteer Groups 3,000 yen  
Corporate Bodies 5,000 yen Nonprofits, foundations,etc.
Supporting Membership Individuals 5,000 yen per unit  No maximum unit limit
Volunteer Groups 5,000 yen per unit  No maximum unit limit
Corporate Bodies 10,000 yen per unit  No maximum unit limit
Partner Membership 3,000 yen

The annual membership fee can be sent by postal transfer to us.
<Postal Transfer>
Account Number: 00190-5-564738
Account Holder: Tokuteihieirikatsudohojin Utsunomiyashi Kokusaikoryukyokai Rijicho Usui Yoshiko

Application Form  For Individual Membership(Word:58KB)
For Organizational/Group Membership(Word:60KB)

Host Family Registration

Many visitors to Utsunomiya from abroad look to interact with Japanese people and to experience the Japanese way of home life firsthand. We are seeking families who wish to welcome delegation members from abroad into their home. Once you become a UCIA member, you will be able to register as a homestay host family. Our homestay program is not implemented regularly. Information on its detailed schedule is available one to two months prior to its implementation on our publications and website.
If you would like to become a host family, please contact us.

Community Translators and Interpreters

We are recruiting volunteer translators and interpreters. Would you like to register with the Bank of Community Translators and Interpreters to share your language skills with other people?

<Eligibility Criteria>
An applicant must have high-level language ability and an enthusiasm for volunteering, and be able to protect the confidentiality of personal information.
  • Translation of living information , newsletters, documents to be filed with public offices, etc.
  • Interpreting in such settings as public offices, medical institutions, sightseeing spots, etc.
<Application Procedure>
Please complete the application form below, and bring it to us.

Community Translators and Interpreters Application Form(Word:45KB)

Bank of Foreign Residents

If you register with the Bank, you will receive our monthly newsletter Oh-i and emergency information via e-mail. On top of that, you will have opportunities to talk about your home country and culture (cuisine, language, games, picture books,etc.) at international understanding classes and cross-cultural events.

Bank of Foreign Residents Registration Form(Word:53KB)