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Utsunomiya International Plaza

The Utsunomiya International Plaza (UIP) is a place where people of different nationalities can interact freely, and that provides foreign residents with a wide variety of support services related to all aspects of everyday life in Utsunomiya. There are a consultation desk, "Exchange Corner", "Information Corner" and "Internet Corner". The Utsunomiya City International Association administers this facility on behalf of Utsunomiya City. Please feel free to visit the International Plaza.

Comprehensive Consultation Services for Foreign Residents

Multilingual consultation services are provided for foreign residents.
For the consultation schedule, please see the table below.
Consultation by phone is also accepted (Tel: 028-616-1564).

Exchange Corner

This area is designed for small meetings and gatherings.

Meeting Room

The meeting room, which holds roughly 30 people,can be used for activities promoting international understanding and exchange.

Café Salon International Party

The party takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month to provide people of different cultural backgrounds with the opportunity to meet and mingle with one another.

Information Corner

A bulletin board is available to exchange information freely. In addition, this area is stocked with UIP's monthly newsletter Oh-i! and other resources useful for foreign residents and cross-cultural activities.