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Housing and Life in Utsunomiya

Enjoying Life in Utsunomiya

Many people associate Utsunomiya City with gyoza dumplings. But the city offers many more historical, cultural and natural enjoyable attractions, such as the Oya Stone Museum that has served as a location for filming numerous movies and “Wakatake-no-Mori (Young Bamboo Grove) Wakayama Farm”.

Utsunomiya Convention and Tourism Bureau

Finding a Place to Live

TTo rent a private apartment, it is a good idea to search for a rental that meets your desired conditions (rent price range, location, floor plan, room facilities, etc.) on the Internet or by checking housing magazines or advertisements of available rentals posted on the front windows of real estate agencies. When finalizing a rental contract, you are advised to have someone with a good command of Japanese be present to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the contract if you are not confident in your Japanese ability.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  1. Multilingual translations of a standard rental contract, rental application, important points explanation of property to be leased and so on (available in 13 foreign languages)
  2. Apartment Search Guidebook (available in 13 foreign languages)

There are two types of public housing in Utsunomiya: municipal housing and prefectural housing. Registered foreign residents of Utsunomiya are eligible to apply for municipal housing if they meet the criteria listed below. Tenants are selected by lottery.

  1. Currently having difficulty in finding housing
  2. Residing or working in Utsunomiya
  3. Currently living with or planning to live with family members
  4. Having a joint surety with a registered address in Utsunomiya (for those eligible to apply for “housing for single-person households”, a sponsor is additionally required.)
  5. Having no overdue municipal taxes (such as inhabitant tax and national health insurance tax)
  6. Meeting financial eligibility criteria determined in accordance with a family’s gross income, with consideration of family size.
  7. Having no gang affiliation.
Inquiries Housing Division
Phone 028-632-2553

Application criteria for prefectural housing are much the same as the above ones.

Inquiries Tochigi Prefectural Housing Corporation Chuo Branch
Location Tochigi-ken Kaihatsu Center Building, 1-15, Sakae-cho
Phone 028-626-3198


Any pet dog is obligated by law to be registered and to be vaccinated against rabies once a year. Please carry out the required procedures at the locations below. If a pet dog dies, a notification of death must be submitted.

Where to take the procedures Procedures Fees
Sanitation Division of the Public Health Center, Citizens’ Centers, branch offices, One-stop Health and Welfare Service (located on the 1st floor of the city office) Registration 3,000 yen
Change in Registered Information
Reissue of Registration Tag 1,600 yen
Issue of Proof Tag of Rabies Vaccination 550 yen
Reissue of Proof Tag of Rabies Vaccination 340 yen
Notification of Death
Animal clinics designated by the city Registration 3,000 yen
Issue of Proof Tag of Rabies Vaccination 550 yen

When your pet dog or cat gets lost, or when you pick up a stray dog or cat, please contact the Sanitation Division of the Public Health Center.

Inquiries Sanitation Division
Phone 028-626-1108

Garbage Disposal

Please separate your household garbage into five types and 13 classes and put it out at the designated collection point by 8:30 a.m. on the designated collection day. Collection is made as scheduled even on a national holiday. However, the collection service is not available on Saturdays, on Sundays and during the year-end and New Year holidays.

For detailed information, please refer to Guide for sorting and disposing of recyclable resources and waste.

Japanese edition

English edition

Chinese edition

Portuguese edition

Spanish edition

Thai edition

Korean edition

To dispose of large quantities of waste generated on such occasions as moving, house cleaning and pruning of garden trees, please separate waste thoroughly, and then carry it directly to waste disposal centers. When you bring in waste, please present your residence card.

Waste Disposal Centers Hours Closed Days Acceptable Items
Clean Park Mobara
777-1, Mobara-cho
Phone: 28-654-0018
Saturdays that fall on a national holiday, Sundays and the year-end and New Year holidays Combustible waste, hazardous waste, incombus-tible waste, glass bottles/ cans, PET bottles, combustible bulky waste, incombustible bulky waste, plastic containers and wrapping, white styrofoam trays
Clean Center Shimotawara
3435, Shimotawara-cho
Phone: 028-672-1997
EcoPla Center Shimoarahari
2678-176, Shimoarahari-machi
Phone: 028-648-4631
Plastic containers and wrapping, white styrofoam trays
SKC Co., Ltd.
413-1, Nagaoka-cho
Phone: 028-621-6221
Saturdays, Sundays and the year-end and New Year holidays Paper (incl. paper drink packs) and cloth

To dispose of bulky waste, please either put it out in front of your home after calling the Bulky Waste Collection Reservation Center to arrange for pickup service (fees are charged) or carry it directly to waste disposal centers (free of charge).

Reservation Hours Closed Fees
Bulky Waste Collection
Reservation Center
9:00-17:00 Saturdays that fall on a national holiday, Sundays and the year-end and New Year holidays 840 yen
per item
(incl. tax)
Up to five Items

Moving out

What to do before moving out

  What to do Inquiries
Electricity Notify Tokyo Electricity Power Company of your moving date a couple of days before moving out. Tokyo Electricity Power Company
Tochigi Customer Center
Phone: 0120-995-111 (toll-free)
Monday through Saturday, 9:00-17:00
(closed on national holidays)
Gas Notify Tokyo Gas or the propane gas dealer of your moving date a couple of days before moving out. Tokyo Gas Customer Center
Phone: 0570-002211
Monday through Saturday, 9:00 – 19:00
Sundays and national holidays, 9:00 – 15:00
Propane gas dealers
Water Notify the Waterworks Bureau of your moving date at least three days before moving out. Waterworks Bureau Customer Center
Phone: 028-633-1300
School In case of moving within Utsunomiya, submit a Request for School Transfer to your child’s school and receive documentation required to change school (School Attendance Certificate, etc.). After submitting a Notification of Move to the city office, come to the board of education together with that documentation. School Administration Division, Board of Education
Phone: 028-632-2724
In case of moving out of Utsunomiya, submit a Request for School Transfer to your child’s school and receive documentation required to change school (School Attendance Certificate, etc.). For the procedures to be taken after moving to a new address, inquire with the board of education of your new municipality of residence. Board of education of your new municipality of residence.
Post office Submit a notification of change of address to a nearby post office. Mail sent to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for one year. Post offices
Financial institution Submit a notification of change of address. Financial institutions

When you move within Utsunomiya, please submit a Notification of Move within 14 days of the move. Your residence card is required.

Where to submit a Notification of Move Phone Hours
Citizens’ Affairs Division
1-1-5, Asahi, Utsunomiya City
028-632-2271 8:30-19:00 week-days
(closed on national holidays)
Citizens’ Centers and branch offices   8:30-17:15 week-days
(closed on national holidays)
Bamba Branch Office
Utsunomiya Omotesando Square Bldg. 5th floor
4-1-1, Baba-dori, Utsunomiya City
028-616-1542 7 days a week, 10:00–19:00
(closed from Dec. 29 thru Jan.3)