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If you witness or get involved in a crime, call the police department by dialling 110. 110 calls can be made free of charge 24/7.

Tell the police officer:

  1. what happened, like “I was robbed” (Dorobo desu);
  2. when and where the incident occurred;
  3. whether anyone is injured and how bad the injury is (if anyone is injured, the police will arrange for an ambulance) and
  4. your name and contact information.

Traffic accidents

If you get involved in a traffic accident, take the following steps.

  1. If anyone is injured, give him/her first aid.
  2. Call the police department by dialling 110.
  3. Write down the other party’s driver’s license number, name, address, phone number, age, etc.
    If you are injured, be sure to consult a doctor regardless of the seriousness of the injury.

Fire and Sudden Illness or Injury

If a fire breaks out, or if you ask for an ambulance for emergency medical help, call the fire department by dialling 119. 119 calls can be made free of charge 24/7.

When you call, tell the operator:

  1. whether you are calling to report a fire (as in “Kaji desu”) or asking for an ambulance ( as in “Kyukyusha o onegai shimasu”);
  2. where the fire broke out or where the person requiring an ambulance is and
  3. your name and contact information.

Disaster Preparedness?

Japan is frequently hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. To stay calm and avoid panic in the event of a disaster, please be constantly prepared for disasters. It is a good idea to keep a supply of items you will need in the case of emergency, such as drinking water, clothing, a portable radio, emergency foods, matches, lighters, candles, flashlights, blankets, towels, a first aid kit and copies of your residence card and passport.

Please bear the following in mind when evacuating:

  1. Carry as little as possible and evacuate on foot.
  2. Be on the alert for possible landslides.
  3. Get accurate information from such reliable sources as TV, radio, the city office and the fire department.
  4. Work together with other people to carry out relief and rescue activities.

In the event of a disaster, first evacuate to a safe, wide-open location such as a nearby school or park. Decide in advance where your family will evacuate by checking evacuation sites listed in Utsunomiya City Guide for Daily Life linked below.

Utsunomiya City Guide for Daily Life (pp.80-88)