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The Utsunomiya City International Association Organization Profile

Our Mission and History

The mission of the Utsunomiya City International Association (UCIA) is to contribute to internationalization of Utsunomiya City and world peace by fostering mutual understanding and friendship among peoples through a wide variety of citizen-led activities for international exchange and promotion of multicultural awareness (UCIA Articles of Incorporation, Article 3).

April 1997 Established as an auxiliary organization of Utsunomiya City.
Commissioned to operate exchange with its sister cities and other programs. Conducts a number of activities, including promotion of international understanding, Japanese language education and introduction of Japanese culture.
September 2008 Reborn as an incorporated nonprofit organization.
UCIA aims to transform itself from a city government-affiliated organization into a proactive and independent one that is capable of addressing diverse challenges flexibly.

This logo of UCIA represents U of Utsunomiya and heart, and conveys the idea of interacting with people around the world (=double U). The logo was selected on the occasion of its 4th anniversary from among entries from the public.