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UCIA Community Translators and Interpreters

UCIA is running a translation and interpretation program to assist foreign residents in accessing public and other services they need. Currently, 53 people who have registered with the Bank of Community Translators and Interpreters are offering translation and interpretation services in 17 different languages, including English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, French and Korean. They have high-level language skills and an enthusiasm for volunteering, and treat as confidential all information learned.
As a rule, there is a charge for our services. Please see the fee schedule below. The translated document will usually be delivered approximately seven days after receiving the source text.

  Type of Service Basic Rate (including tax)
Translation Translation of official documents, leaflets, etc. 3,150 yen per page (A4)
Specialized translation 5,250 yen per page (A4)
Interpretation Interpreting at public offices, medical institutions, international understanding classes, tourist facilities, etc. 2,100 yen per hour
5,250 yen per half day
10,500 yen per full day

Please Note:

  1. The above rates may vary depending on such factors as the number of words in the source text and the level of complexity of interpretation work.
  2. Extra fees may be charged for an interpreter’s travel and other expenses.