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Foreign Language Classes

UCIA Foreign Language Classes Committee holds language classes for Utsunomiya citizens throughout the year. There are four levels of classes – introductory, beginners, low intermediate and intermediate. The classes are designed to encourage learners to proactively interact with foreign people in the streets and while traveling abroad. The classes are run by UCIA members. You could request us to organize additional classes.

Language Program Name Schedule
English English Conversation for Seniors Apr. 11 - Sep. 26
Travel English Apr. 10 - Jul. 24
Monthly English Training 3rd Saturday
French Introductory Apr. 8 - Sep. 23
Beginners Apr. 8 - Sep. 23
Chinese Beginners Apr. 10 - Sep. 18
Low intermediate Apr. 13 - Mar. 22
Spanish Introductory Apr. 9 - Sep. 24
Introductory Ⅱ
Apr. 14 - Mar. 23
Intermediate Tuesdays
Korean Introductory Apr. 11 - Sep. 12

For more information, please see the Foreign Language Classes page (Japanese) or call us at 028-616-1870.